Take Up Thy Cross, The Saviour Said.

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla

Take Up Thy Cross, The Saviour Said.
If Thou Wouldst My Disciple Be;
Deny Thyself, The World Forsake,
And Humbly Follow After Me.

Take Up Thy Cross; Let Not Its Weight
Fill Thy Weak Spirit With Alarm;
His Strength Shall Bear Thy Spirit
Up, And Brace Thy Heart, And Nerve Thine Arm.

Take Up Thy Cross; Nor Heed The Shame,
Nor Let Thy Foolish Pride Rebel;
Thy Lord For Thee The Cross
To Save Thy Soul From Death And Hell.

Take Up Thy Cross; Then In His Strength,
And Calmly Every Danger Brave;
Twill Guide Thee To A Better Home,
And Lead To Victory Over The Grave.

Take Up Thy Cross; And Follow Christ
Nor Think Till Death To Lay It Down;
For Only He Who Bears The Cross
May Hope To Wear The Glorious Crown.

To Thee, Great Lord, The One In Thee,
All Praise For Evermore Ascend;

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