O Men Of God, Arise! The Lord.

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla

O Men Of God, Arise! The Lord.
Has Given Thee In His Wondrous
Great Promises Of Mighty Signs
To Ratify The Sacred Lines
Of His Salvation’s Perfect Plan
As Thou Dost Preach To Fallen

If He, The Lord Of Glory, Need
Arresting Sign And Glowing
Credentials Of Messiahship
Thy Helpless Hand And Faltering Lip
Must Surely Share An Equal Flame
To Blazon Forth Messiah’s Name.

These Signs Shall Follow Them,
He Saith Who Speak His Word In Simple Faith
They Shall With Heaven’s Authority
Bid Foul Tormenting Spirits Flee
They Shall In Other Tongues
Speak Things
Beyond The Range Of Finite Wings.

So Spake They After Pentecost
High Mysteries Of The Holy Ghost
They Shall The Fearsome
Serpent Tame
And Bind Its Venom In His
If Any Deadly Thing They Take
It Shall Not Hurt Them, For His

Upon The Sick They Shall Lay Hands

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