My Soul Is So Happy In Jesus.

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla

My Soul Is So Happy In Jesus.
For He Is So Precious To Me;
His Voice It Is Music To Hear It:
His Face It Is Heaven To See.

I Am Happy In Him
I Am Happy In Him,
My Soul Will Delight,
He Fills Me Day And Night
I Am Happy In Him.

He Sought Me So Long Ere 1 Knew Him,
When Wandering Afar From The
Safe Home In His Arms He Hath Brought Me,
To Where There Are Pleasure Untold.

His Love And His Mercy Surround Me,
His Grace Like A River Doth Flow;
His Spirit, To Guide And To Comfort,
Is With Me Wherever I Go.

They Say I Shall Someday Be Like
My Cross And My Burden Lay
Till Then I Will Ever Be Faithful.
In Gathering Germs For His Crown.

Thank You Jesus!

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