Jesus Whom God Hath Exalted.

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla

Jesus Whom God Hath Exalted.
From Foundation Of The World,
The Same Jesus Will Soon Come Back,
To Judge The Quick And The Dead.

Behold, Jesus Will Surely Come,
Shall We Not Prepare For Him?
Then Full Salvation We Shall Have
On That Great And Glorious Day.

Jesus Will Appear In The Sky,
All The Eyes Shall There See Him,
And Those That Nail’d Him On The Cross
All People Shall Give Account.

Now With Faith, I Can Boldly Say,
That I’ll Go Up With My Lord,
With Him To Reign For Thousand Years,
And At Eternity Too.

But Others Would Not Be Able,
With The Lord, Go To The Sky,
Because Their Works Has No Reward,
Which Were Done While Here On Earth.

We Are Waiting For Thy Coming,
Thou Who Art The Hope Of World,
Come Thou Lord, Jesus Our
All Our Sorrows Cease To Be.

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