Jesus Who Came Down To Save.

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla

Jesus Who Came Down To Save.
Went Down To River Jordan,
He Came Out From The Water
And We Know Him As God’s Son,
Through The Father’s Voice From
And The Descent Of The Dove
Jesus Christ, My Great Guide
I Would Be Baptized Like Thee.

In The Garden, Where He Prayed
Grief Over Flowed Him Like A Flood,
On The Cross Of Calvary
There, The Saviour Died For Me
Nailed Together With The Lord
My Hope Is That Jesus Died;
I Have My Place By His Feet,
I Suffer All Things For Him.

In A New Tomb Was He Laid He,
The Fear And Dread Removed,
He, The Stone Grave Could Not Hold
And Was Glorified For Aye;
I Would Be Buried With Christ
As The Ordinance I Partake,
As I’m Raised From The Water
A New Life With God To Live.

Thank You Jesus!


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