Jesus. The Sinner’s Friend, To Thee.

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla

Jesus. The Sinner’s Friend, To Thee.
Lost And Undone, For Aid I Flee,
Weary Of Earth, Myself, And Sin;
Open Thine Arms, And Take Me

Pity, And Heal My Sin Sick Soul;
‘Tis Thou Alone Canst Make Me Whole;
Fallen, Till’n Me Thine Image Shine,
And Cursed I Am, Till Thou Art Mine.

The Mansion For Thyself Prepare,
Dispose My Heart By Entering There;
‘Tis This Alone Can Make Me Clean,
‘Tis This Alone Can Cast Out Sin.

At Last I Own It Cannot Be,
That I Should It Myself For Thee:
Here Then To Thee I All Resign;
Thine Is The Work And Only Thine.

What Shall I Say Thy Grace To Move?
Lord, I Am Sin, But Thou Art
I Give Up Every Plea Beside
Lord, I Am Lost, But Thou Hast

Thank You Jesus!

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