I Worship Thee, Sweet Will Of God.

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla

I Worship Thee, Sweet Will Of God.
And All Thy Ways Adore;
And Every Day I Live, I Long
To Love Thee More And More.

I Have No Cares, O Blessed Will!
For All My Cares Are Thine;
I Live In Triumph, Lord! For Thou
Hast Made Thy Triumphs Mine.

Ride On, Ride On Triumphantly,
Thou Glorious Will, Ride On!
Faith’s Pilgrim Sons Behind Thee
The Road That Thou Hast Gone.

He Always Wins Who Sides With
To Him No Chance Is Lost;
Gods Will Is Sweetest To Him
It Triumphs At His Costs.

I’ll That He Blesses Is Our Good;
And Unblest Good Is Ill;
And All Is Right That Seems Most Wrong,
If It Be His Sweet Will!

Thank You Jesus!

[If You Were Blessed By This Devotional, Please Tell Me All About It. Please Leave A Comment Or Two In The Box Below!…

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