Come. O Thou All Victorious Lord.

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla

Come. O Thou All Victorious Lord.
Thy Power To Us Make Known
Strike With The Hammer Of Thy Word
And Break These Hearts Of Stone.

O That We All Might Now Begin,
Our Foolishness To Mourn,
And Turn At Once From Every Sin,
And To Our Saviour Turn!

Give Us Ourselves And Thee To Know,
In This Our Gracious Day;
Repentance Unto Life Bestow,
And Take Our Sins Away.

Conclude Us First In Unbelief,
And Freely Then Release
Fill Every Soul With Sacred Grief,
And Then With Sacred Peace.

Impoverish, Lord, And Then Relieve,
And Then Enrich The Poor;
The Knowledge Of Our Sickness Give,
The Knowledge Of Our Cure.

That Blessed Sense Of Guilt Impart
And Then Remove The Load;
Trouble, And Wash The Troubled
In The Atoning Blood.

Our Desperate State Through Sin Declare.
And Speak Our Sins Forgiven;
By Perfect Holiness Prepare,
And Take Us Up…

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