I Lay My Sins On Jesus.

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla

I Lay My Sins On Jesus.
The Spotless Lamb Of God
He Bears Them All And Frees Us
From The Accursed Load
I Bring My Guilt To Jesus
To Wash My Crimson Stains
White In His Blood Most Precious
Till Not A Spot Remains.

I Lay My Wants On Jesus.
All Fullness Dwells In Him
He Heals All My Diseases
He Doth My Soul Redeem
I Lay My Griefs On Jesus.
My Burdens And My Cares
He From Them All Releases
He All My Sorrows Shares.

I Rest My Soul On Jesus.
This Weary Soul Of Mine
His Right Hand Me Embraces
I On His Breast Recline
I Love The Name Of Jesus.
Immanuel, Christ The Lord.
Like Fragrance On The Breezes
His Name Abroad Is Poured.

I Long To Be Like Jesus.
Meek, Loving, Lowly, Mild
I Long To Be Like Jesus.
The Father’s Holy Child
Amid The Heavenly…

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