Christian, Seek Not Yet Repose.

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla

Christian, Seek Not Yet Repose.
Hear Thy Guardian Angel Say
Thou Art In The Midst Of Foes
Watch And Pray!

Principalities And Powers
Mustering Their Unseen Array.
Wait For Thy Unguarded Hours:
“Watch And Pray.”

Gird Thy Heavenly Armour On;
Wear It Every Night And Day
Ambushed Lies The Evil One
“Watch And Pray.”

Hear The Victors Who Overcame.
Still They Mark Each Warrior’s
All With One Sweet Voice Exclaim.
“Watch And Pray!”

Hear, Above All, Hear Thy Lord,
Him Thou Lovest To Obey
Hide Within Th Heart His Word
“Watch And Pray”

Watch, As If On That Alone
Hung The Issue Of The Day
Pray, That Help May Be Sent Down
Watch And Pray.

Thank You Jesus!

[If You Were Blessed By This Devotional, Please Tell Me All About It. Please Leave A Comment Or Two In The Box Below! God Bless You. And I Love You Too]

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