Time With God. Quiet Time With God

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Time With God. Quiet Time With God

Mark 1:35-37

In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there. Simon and his companions searched for Him; they found Him, and said to Him, `Everyone is looking for You’.

Jesus’ relationship with His Father, while Jesus was walking the earth as a man, shows us what our relationship with God can be like!

Jesus certainly had an ongoing conversation with God taking place behind the scenes at all times. But even when you have learned to speak with God throughout the day, you still need to set aside special time that is for nothing else than communication with God — speaking to Him, listening to Him, and just being quiet in His presence.

Jesus’ relationship with His Father needed these “quiet times” and so does…

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