Miracle! Raised From Dead. A Refugee’s Story

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Miracle! Raised From Dead. A Refugee’s Story

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Nene Rwenyaguza, a permanent refugee living in Missouri, is a long way from home.

He takes pride in his work and radiates unfathomable joy as he spends most days cleaning a local bank in downtown Columbia.

Nene said the source of his joy is in knowing God has a plan, a statement he made in spite of a painful past filled with unimaginable loss.

A Rude Awakening

Nene’s journey began in a country that has the unwelcome moniker of being home to one of humanity’s deadliest conflicts since World War II: the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A husband and father to three young kids, Nene had big dreams for his family. But in 2002, that all changed during a deadly nighttime raid on his village.

Nene, with his wife, Francine, and their three young children — Aline, Kwezi, and…

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