Israel’s ‘ETERNAL MEMORIAL’ A Light To Never Forget

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Israel’s ‘ETERNAL MEMORIAL’ A Light To Never Forget

JERUSALEM, Israel — Nearly 70 years have passed since Germany’s Third Reich systematically wiped out at least 6 million European Jews, about a million and a half of whom were children.

Memories of that horrific genocide are still very much alive in the mind of Israelis.

An estimated 125,000 people survived the camps and thousands of others were in other places. Eight-five-year-old Asher Udd is one of them. He often talks to groups at Yad Vashem, Israel’s main Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, about how he survived.

Udd, who calls his survival a “miracle,” said he never questioned God during his time in the concentration camp.

“Through the war, I didn’t ask questions. I was busy, every second, every minute, every hour, maximum every day to fight to stay alive. I didn’t inquire,” he told CBN’s Scott Ross.

“Today, if you ask me…

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