Boko Haram a ‘Monster That Needs to Be Dealt With’

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Boko Haram a ‘Monster That Needs to Be Dealt With’

Nigeria’s military leaders say they’re focusing their energy on rescuing the 276 school girls kidnapped by the terror group Boko Haram, and they predict their war on the Islamists will succeed.

But those words provide little comfort to victims of the group, which is on a mission to turn Nigeria into an Islamic caliphate.

A former Nigerian army colonel described Boko Haram as a monster that needs to be dealt with.

In a video released earlier this week, the group announced it would convert the “daughters of Christians and sell them.”

“According to their leadership, this is mandated in Islam. Slavery is legal in Islam, and the Koran says that this kind of thing — they call it the spoils of war — is perfectly legal,” Stakelbeck explained.

“Now does the world step in some way to stop that? Can…

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