Your Marriage Is Perfect (Part 1)

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla

Your Marriage Is Perfect (Part 1).






Mummy you haven’t met my wife!





“When I ask God for a wife, this woman showed up and now I am beginning to wonder if it was God that gave this woman to me.

She won’t take out the garbage, she can’t cook, she won’t clean up the house, she won’t do the dishes, she won’t make the bed, she won’t do the laundry, she refuses to get a job and make money. She complains too much, talks too much and expects me to listen to every word she says. She doesn’t dress sexy enough, she won’t have sex with me when I ask, there is never enough food in the house, she won’t help me discipline the children, she always wants to conduct family bible studies, she honestly wants to change me, and she…

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