Walking With Jesus. By Cathe Laurie

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla

Walking With Jesus  By Cathe Laurie.

I love walking. I especially love walking with a close friend; it’s one of life’s sweetest and (gratefully) most affordable pleasures. Walking is good.

Often, I start out early on winter mornings and head down the dirt path that takes me to a trail behind the neighbourhood, past the playground, into a world you can’t experience driving 55 mph. Sometimes, I walk in the fog or drizzle. And in the fall, when evenings after sunsets are still warm, and all the green has turned brown and crackles under my shoes, and I can hear the loud hissing of crickets somewhere in the scrub oak and wild mustard. I love to walk.

Walking side by side with someone is an encounter far more personal than just reading their Facebook page or seeing what they select to post on Instagram. As much as we enjoy social…

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