Slow In Believing God.

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla

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Slow In Believing God.

And He Said To Them, “O Foolish Men And Slow Of Heart To Believe In All That The Prophets Have Spoken!”

Luke 24:25, Nasb

There Was A Pastor Who Preached On Love One Sunday, To His Congregation’s Delight. The Next Sunday He Preached Again On Love. And The Next. And The Next. Feeling The Discontent Of Some Fellow Parishioners, A Deacon Confronted The Pastor Over His Repetitive Sermon Subject. The Pastor Boldly Replied, “I’m Not Going To Stop Preaching On Love Until You Get It!”

Christians Know That Everything They Need Is Found In Jesus. All Their Answers Are In The Word, Yet They Struggle Along Like Novices. Reverend Mason, In His Book Crumbs From The Master’s Table, Expounded On This Irony.

We Faint When We Should Flee; Crawl When We Should Run; Halt When We Should Walk; Turn Back When We Should Press Forward…

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