Rejection To Rejoicing

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla

Rejection To Rejoicing.

It all begins with understanding where we find true worth: in God, not other people

Rejection came my way early in life. Socially, I was a failure in elementary school. Day after day in the cafeteria, no one talked to me. When I finished my lunch, I would plug my ears and close my eyes to shut out the children who ignored me. And at recess, kids mocked my mismatched clothes, unkempt hair, and my “really religious” family. My poor interpersonal skills only made matters worse. By the time we returned to our classroom, my face was usually blotchy from crying. I felt terribly alone. Surely no one else knew such confusion, isolation and loneliness!

The years since have taught me differently. Most people have felt excluded at one time or another. Like me, some are written off for being unusual. Others are overlooked because they lack…

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