Prayer Points For First Born Deliverance. First Born Redemption.

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla


Scriptures:Psalm 113:5-8; Deut. 28:13; Job 22:25-28; Psalm 27:6

Confession: I am a first born. I am the beginning of strength of my household. I am the excellency

of dignity, excellency of power. I shall not be a deficit unto the world. I shall be as stable as a rock.

I shall excel and no one shall defile me. I shall not die a grievous death. I shall not be an infant of

days, neither shall I be an adult that has not fulfilled his years. I shall have the might of Samson

but not his carelessness. I shall have the wisdom of Solomon, not his whoredom. I shall have the

holiness of Job and not his calamities. I shall possess the gate of my enemies. I shall not be subject

to pain or poverty. The enemy shall not outwit me. The Lord shall…

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