What Are Your Prayers Like These Days?

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What Are Your Prayers Like These Days?

Culled from:  Cathe’s Notes. www.harvest.org.

Few of us are tempted today to dream big. While some of us seem to be helplessly shrinking smaller and smaller, and we run the danger of drowning in our own tears of unbelief or complacency.

All too often we see only through the lens of our limited experience. And yet, most of us would be able to recite verses such as “All things are possible for those who believe,” and “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” So why, with promises like these, are our prayers so insipid?

What are your prayers like these days? In times past, God has torn open the heavens and come down. I desperately want to see that happen again in my lifetime; don’t you? Don’t you want your children and grandchildren to see…

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