Our Confession. The Empowerment Centre. Nigeria.

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla

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Our Confession. The Empowerment Centre. Nigeria.

I am empowered by the Holy Spirit,

empowered to make a difference

where ever I am.

I am a part of the

fellowship of the unashamed,

The die has been cast,

I have stepped over the line,

The decision has been made.

I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ.

I won’t look back, let up,

slow down, back away or be still.

My past is redeemed,

my present makes sense,

my future is secure.

I’m finished and done

with low living, sight walking, small planning,  a prayerless life,

colorless dreams, tamed visions,

worldly talking, cheap giving

and dwarfed goals.

I am anointed by God for exploits, blessed by heaven to prosper, whatever I touch flourishes.

I live above sickness, poverty,

confusion,  depression and every

oppression  of the enemy.

Greater is He that is in me, than He that is in the world.

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