Hosanna Unto David’s Son. Merry Christmas.

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla

We Wish You a Merry Christmas (video game)

Hosanna Unto David’s Son. Merry Christmas.





1.      Hosanna Unto David’s Son,

Hosanna, Raise The Strain,

For Blessed Is He That Will Come

In The Name Of The Lord.



2.      Hosanna Unto David’s Son

The Angel Host Did Sing

All Creatures, Join The Loud Refrain

Hosanna To Our King.



3.      Hosanna For The Hebrew Throng

Spread Palm Fronds On The Road

Hosanna We Have Brought Our Gifts

For To Prepare His Way.



4.      Both Young And Old Sing Hosanna

Before His Suffering Comes

Today We All Sing Hosanna

As Jesus Reign Above.



5.      As Thou Received The Children’s Praise

Accept The Prayers We Bring

And Join The Heavenly Host To Sing.

Hosanna To Our King. Amen!
















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