Everyone has an essential part to play in the whole of humanity. All you must do is follow your path to answer the call. Your Talents/Gifting may not be shimmering/blinging in the light like someone else is, It may not be encrusted in diamonds or have anything to do with the Glam or the performing arts.

However, YOU are very valuable. You have something no other person has and if you don’t RISE and SHINE that light within, there would be a disconnect in the process of God’s design.

The Greatest Mystery of all Mysteries in life is to Discover the treasure yet untapped on your Inside. YOU MATTER

Comparisons will limit your Potentials. Creativity, Sense of Individuality and eventually destroy your purpose.

The bible illustrates this in a more elaborate way:

One Body with Many Members

12For just asthe body is one and has many members, and all…

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