Neriah Lovey of Zion

“I trust you and always will…”

It was 4:06 in the morning, I woke up, thinking I’m eagain broken. I sinned. I got caught by my selfish desires. I fell into this pit again. I sunk into this mire of loneliness. AGAIN.

I woke up this morning realizing that there’s something hurting in me. I had that pain again. I have that absurd feeling of skepticism….skepticism whether God will say yes or no. And If He’d say yes, when? And If He’d say no, can I live with it?

“So many things uncertain…So shaky is the world…”

Why am I easily hurt? Why am I so vulnerable

Why does heart gets hurt easily?

And yet in spite of all of these disappointments, incorrect decisions, impulsive feelings, one thing assures me to move on – HE is there. HE is the way. HE is always faithful.

That no matter what answer…

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