Not Without Your Faith

Just the GOOD news!

Is God sovereign? For the vast majority of humanity, the answer to that question – by the sheer implication of His Name – can be nothing less than a “given.” Yet though God’s sovereignty is almost universally accepted as an axiom, we’ve all nevertheless heard on more than one occasion a query like this: “If God’s really sovereign, then why is the world in the ‘jacked-up’ condition it’s in?!” (I toned down the descriptor because this is a G-rated family site.) Or like this one: “Well, if God’s in charge, why did He allow this awful thing, that horrible thing or the other terrible thing to happen??”

Although those questions – and all similar forms of them – may sound reasonable and legitimate, they share one common flaw: they all wildly miss the very point upon which they’re seemingly based. And that point is this: The Truth that God is…

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