Magnetic and Fearless Because We Can

This Man's Journey

There are people in this world that will deliberately go through danger to feel alive. They are fearless in their pursuit to overcome Nature’s most ferocious, deadliest challenges. Daredevils or crazy, they represent the purest form of “I may die adrenaline experience.” They are not bound by fears, rules nor made up dreams of Man and Society. They found a way to beat the vicious cycle and get to live lives of absolute thrill and adventure everyday.

We don’t stop because the moment we do, we’re dead. It’s a way of Living and an Adventurer knows this by heart.

Netflix’s documentary Magnetic share the true stories of people so passionate of what makes them feel alive that they are willing to risk their lives for it. What they do seems insane or mind blowing but to be where they are doing what they do is something to be envied. They…

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