Let there be Light


images5MNZSNNK light“From twelve o’clock until three o’clock there was an unearthly darkness that fell over the land, for nature, in sympathy with its Creator, refused to shed its light upon the crime of deicide. Humankind, having condemned the Light of the World, now lost the cosmic symbol of the Light, the sun. At Bethlehem, where he was born at midnight, the heavens were suddenly filled with light; at Calvary, when he entered into the ignominy of His crucifixion at midday, the heavens were bereaved of light.”
Fulton J Sheen

Buried in the darkness of the earth, the sprout from a single seed seeks out one thing – light.  In much the same way, the human soul is on the same quest as the seed.  Trapped within the darkened “earthen vessel,” the soul longs for the source of life – light.  It’s easy to be buried under darkness.  Depression, addiction, fear, shame…

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