Find your own hidden gems of creativity

writing with both sides of my brain

“Everyone wants to be creative, but some people just seem to ooze creativity from their pores.  Many people believe creativity is a certain something you either have or

don’t have.     The truth of the matter is that everyone has a creative side.  It may look different than that of others, but everyone can turn on those creative juices if they just learn to tune into them.”           [This excerpt is from an article I wrote called “Tuning in to your creative side.” ]

The thing is that writing, any form of writing, requires a form of creativity.  Many see those who write fiction as the creative writer, but do not see the creativity in themselves.  This writer believes everyone should see their own creativity and learn to tap into it.  It will ooze out on it’s own, but to give it real power, one must understand it.  One of my…

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