Farm update- March 2014

Life With The Supernauts


We will be closing next Monday!!! I can’t believe it! But I will breathe a sigh of relief after all the papers are signed. Here are broken down updates:

The only thing I know about the soil is that it is clay heavy. I didnt know what this meant or what to do about so I went to my friends Emily and Roberto, who suggested a mix of soil, sand and mulch thrown right on top of the existing grass. So that’s the plan. I cannot wait for the heaving breaths, the breaking back and the blisters all over my hands from working this!!! I’m so desperate for some down and dirty work!

I’m hoping I won’t need fencing right away around it and am not planning for it. Getting the bed ready and the seedlings started seems to be enough at the moment. But if the garden begins…

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