Detoxing from….a bad job

SueAnn Porter

I haven’t blogged in months, it’s true, so hello readers!

Years ago, when I left a bad job situation, it took me a while to process through all the emotions and anger, and I refer to this process as “Job Detox.” That is not to take away from the seriousness of drug and alcohol detox. Just terminology to acknowledge that sometimes it takes you a minute to find yourself again after leaving a job.

I started my most recent job a year and a half ago, after being out of the work force for a decade due to many reasons, cancer and family being among them. I had hoped to go back into Computer Programming and had taken some up-to-date programming classes, but that was not the door that opened.

It was Retail.

This scared me, as my last retail job was during my early twenties, when I was still…

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