Class Report on the Study of Courage


We recently completed a study on the principles on Courage. We had four separate class times with approximately 8-10 guys in each class. We studied the principle of direction, conflict, criticism, confrontation, morality, correction, pressure, judgement, forgiveness, and ownership. At the end of the class I asked each man to write a report on how this study had affected them. The following is a summary of what they wrote.

Lamond-This study of Courage has allowed me to rethink how I approach people and to always think before I speak and to listen to the other side because to every action there is a reaction with consequences.

Terrance-This study of Courage has broken everything down for me that I didn’t know about others and myself, it has had an effect on my life to change band be a better person. I look over these principles daily!

Leonardo-This study on Courage has…

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