Biden is destroying the U.S. in many ways

Cry and Howl

Ah yes, the ol’ blog is still here. It’s been so long I didn’t know if WordPress bumped my site! I’ve been so busy with my semi-retirement duties (Rina seems to find all sorts of projects for me!) I haven’t had much time to write much. I can’t contain myself any more after the building up pressure watching team Biden take a wrecking ball to America in about 100 days. I’m thinking about just taking a few topics and giving my humble opinion on each and hopefully folks will comment with much more wisdom than I have.

Okay, I read this article about the staggering rise in lumber cost (280% since ‘pre-pandemic’ cost) and that the rise is nothing but conspiracy theorists fueling a fake crisis. I kinda have to scratch my head while reading the loony liberal take on the thing. I really can’t figure out whether the writer…

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