A Perfect Moment in an Imperfect Life

Everyone Has A Story... Again

Once in awhile, my life lines up in such a way, I can’t help but wonder what is going on. Don’t get me wrong. The Lord often answers my prayers, but to say there isn’t a regular amount of begging, well….That just wouldn’t be true.

Ever since Chef and I broke up, I’ve found myself without 3 things that really made a huge impact on my life:

  1. A legal, reliable car
  2. An income that could pay all the bills and still leave a little for us to be able to eat
  3. A safe, clean home

All these things I had when Chef and I were together, but soon after the break-up, my car broke down, I never made the right amount of money, and because of these things, I had to live in subpar housing.

When I first moved to Austin 2 years ago, my friend Exodus helped me get…

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