5 Bucket List Travel Adventures in Turkey

Hong Kong & Beyond: Bite into the World


Here are some of my top picks for adventures in Turkey. With all the time I have spent in Turkey, these are some of my favorite things to do. Don’t miss these world class destinations! (They are more affordable than you think!)

1. Hot air balloon ride in Kapadokya above the ferry chimneys & stay in a cave.

hot air balloons

kapadokya collage

Kapadokya is a world premier destination for hot air ballooning, and with its incredible landscape, hot air ballooning here is breathtaking. From inspiring the book Dune to George Lucas’ Star Wars, the landscape of Kapadokya leaves you perplexed and intrigued, if not obsessed.

Head to Kapadokya, stay in Goreme in a UNESCO world heritage cave hotel. My mom and I enjoy staying in Anatolia Cave Hotel because it’s affordable, a great place with excellent service, and they also have amazing complimentary breakfast. The breakfast was actually one of the best…

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