10 Stages of Mourning the Loss of A Loved One


  1. Allow yourself to grieve the loss of your parent. The grieving process includes shock, denial, bargaining, guilt, anger, depression, resignation, acceptance and finally hope.

  2. Give yourself as much time as you need with each part of the process. If you don’t go through every stage, that’s fine-don’t pretend you’re going through it.

  3. Talk about your deceased parent with your surviving parent, your siblings, other family members and any supportive friends.

  4. Talk about the death, your feelings about the death, your relationship with your parent, happy memories, sad memories and angry memories.

  5. Give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you’re feeling, be it anger, relief, guilt, confusion, depression, sadness, indifference, disbelief or all the above. Express these emotions in whatever way is helpful to you.

  6. Find an outlet to express your grief and sense of loss, using your talents or desires. Go on a trip, paint…

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