Chapter IX : Enemies in the Supernatural (Part 2 Curses)


Another enemy we face is curses. I thought it wise to cover this one because I find it detrimental to realise the power to keep the us inhibited to operations of our lives and the ultimately the kingdom of God.

  • Curses are the opposite of blessings : as we see  Duet 27 & 28 is covered with curses and yes also blessings.The main cause was disobedience most often idolatry,this is when one makes a covenant with a new a false god,Yahweh will take his hands off your life.
  • Curses are a vehicle of supernatural force for evil : priests would write down curses on a peice of paper, put it in a cup of water and make one drink to determine guilt, let’s just say people died.In morden times even Juju and voodoo is just as alive today.People will stick needles or  get a possession/ hair and they can kill…

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