Antibiotic resistance: this is what happens when you use antibiotics

The African Scientist

Can you believe there was a time when tuberculosis was the number one killer disease in the world?

At only 43, Louis Braille, the French educator who invented the Braille system for the visually impaired, died of TB. And so did my favorite novelists Jane Austen and Emily Brönte, at only 42 and 30, respectively. If you are into music, you probably know Xian Xinghai, Carl Maria von Weber or Giovanni Battista Draghi. None of them reached 40.

Things changed with the discovery of antibiotics. No one freaks out when they get an infection. You can go to a local clinic and get an antibiotic. Antibiotics are so effective that most people think the doctor is not capable if they don’t prescribe them.

And that’s the problem.

If we’re not careful, by 2050, the world will return to that era where people died from simple wounds. Two weeks ago, my…

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