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Heaven is the abode of God the father Son and the holy spirit. Heaven is the abode of the saints. Heaven is a holy place; eternal home of the righteous ( Revelation 21:14-27 ).

Heaven is holy, there is no pain no sorrow. Heaven is a joyful place, only those who did the ” Will” of the Father shall enter into it ( 1Corinthians chapter 6:9-10), so it is very clear that the unrighteous shall not enter into heaven, only the redeemed the ransomed of the Lord, those who pass through the high way which is Jesus Christ ( Isaiah 35:8-10 ), those who lived the life of Jesus Christ shall see heaven, so every child of God should aspire to see heaven. Those who are true believers and desiring to make heaven at last (Revelation 19:1).

So, in heaven the saints and the angels worship God from eternity to…

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