To Know Him and To Be Like Him: A Reminder of Why We Read the Bible

Whatever Happens,Rejoice.

Probably too often, I have the desire to be a hermit. To go off-grid and live somewhere alone in the middle of the woods. I love people. I love my life. But sometimes I just get tired. I just want some peace and quiet. I just need to disconnect from it all. I need a slower pace of life. But I find some comfort in knowing I’m not the only one who feels this way. This is not something new to mankind.

A man after God’s own heart once felt this way too: King David. He wrote candidly,

“Myheartisinanguishwithinme; theterrorsofdeathhavefallenuponme. Fearandtremblingcomeuponme,andhorroroverwhelmsme. AndIsay,“Oh,thatIhadwingslikeadove! Iwouldflyawayandbeatrest; yes,Iwouldwanderfaraway;Iwouldlodgeinthewilderness;Iwouldhurrytofindashelter fromtheragingwindandtempest”(Ps.55:4-8).

Me too, David. Me too. This is partly why I love the book of Psalms. They are so honest, so relatable. They remind me that I don’t need to always have it together before I talk to God in prayer. They remind me that it’s…

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