Steward's Blog

Tis not by tongues

Tis not by Rhema

Tis not by position

Neither by title

That which matters

That which is important

That which counts

Is nothing but you

I mean your life

I mean your character

I mean your walk with Christ

And your personal altar

Yes that secret place

Yes your attitude to others

Yes your submission to the spirit

And obedience to Christ

Tongues is just an evidence

Not a proof of existence

Positions are just Complements

Yet they are not the elements

In them you think you have a future

But you’re a broken piece of sculpture

Yea beautiful outside

But stinking inside

The Holy Spirit is the ticket

That brings you out of sin’s thicket

That helps you to live a holy life

And to please the father

He’s the spirit of worship

He’s the spirit of prayer

He’s the spirit of fellowship

The director…

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