The testimony of my resume

The Rescued Lamb

My resume has been through a lot. It was rejected, crumpled and rewritten over and over again. It was picked up from a very despised and confused pit and placed at a place totally undeserving.

Let me start from the beginning. The date of birth of my resume is on an unknown date in the year 2015. It was the last year of my college, the internship year! And also an year where the whole class was devising plans to land a job, any job! As soon as my resume was ready to go out to the world, it was sent mercilessly to any email address I could find.

Contrary to the common tide, I did not want to be in a hospital, did not want to have a clinical pharmacist job. So my resume first travelled to all the research organizations first. It was a futile phase, except for…

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