The Teacher - Nation Builder

Melvin Paul MP

Nature made my 7th heaven more beautiful, amidst green mountains covered by fog and mist, 40 hairpin bends made Valparai (a hill station at Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu) more calm and peaceful. The 9th bend reminds me the door to heaven, plenty of flora and fauna, with adventurous view of Aliyar Dam (heart of PAP project-water source to several districts of Tamil Nadu) makes me overwhelming.

Since I shifted to new home, after my marriage, am hearing a whistle sound which awakes me every day sharp at 3am. I thought that I got a new neighbor, who wakes up at Brahma mugurtha, disturbing everyone with a bus conductors whistle.

Last week as I had regular school work till midnight, I wanted an undisturbed sleep, but this early school boy who disturbed me as usual, irritated me a lot. My wife was in a deep sleep…

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