The City of Love

Mugilan Raju

I wish I could have taken you to Paris,
We could have sat on the steps of Montmartre,
Beneath the shade of Sacre-Coeur,
As we looked down upon the city under our feet,
Every side street an artery pumping life stemming from the heart of Notre-Dame,
And from up here, we’ll see eye to eye with the Eiffel tower,
As every old lane way crumbles to the power of our love,
We could have strolled down the Champs-Élysées,
And I would lift the Arc De Triomphe upon my shoulders,
Telling you stories from within the vaults of the Louvre,
As we held hands when the sun set and the night got colder.

But you, never existed, or maybe you could have,
Maybe just a figment of my imagination,
A Da Vinci instigated inspiration,
An artwork hidden with the gardens of Versailles type creation,
Somewhere – stored within the hedge mazes…

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