Sarah Maat

photo-24744428-silhouette-of-a-man-flexing-muscles..jpgA strong person is someone who has been weak, but has allowed themselves to be repaired by God.

They have learned to embrace when bad things happen, because they know the outcome will make them a better individual.

It is impossible to be unaffected by the things in this world. We all have feelings.

A person is not strong because they somehow have more strength than you, we are all equal. We are all weak. They are that way because they have faith.

They know that storms don’t last forever. Without rain, we cannot grow. So instead of staying in the drought, they take that water and use it. They understand it is necessary for growth.

They understand that when bad times arise, it is an opportunity to learn. Sometimes, these so called “struggles” we face, allow us to learn the most about ourselves.

And, without the

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