Roots of a woman


Oh daughters of Eve! have you forgotten who you are?

What you’re here for and why you have come so far?

Take a second to reflect on how deep your purpose goes,

You were admired back then as Goddesses.

The Creators of life,

Connected to magical Moon by your cycles.

Protectors of the kingdom,

Voice of your people.

Kings protected & avenged,

Queens were their conscience & council,

Awaken your royal,

Your revival is essential.

You were sent to give him life,

Save his life, enhance his life.

Advise his ego to see the heart,

Feminine life with purpose,

The revolutionary ones,

Having an impact on nations.

You are destined to be revered for your kind heart,

Gifts of life, intuition & foresight,

Yet you twerk for applause?

Don’t remember chronicles of your mighty cause?

Make him bow down in reverence,

Due to the beautiful essence,

Of your heart, soul…

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