Rise Up And Praise Him


Today is THE day!

It is time for us as the body of Christ to get up off of our kiesters, and give glory to our Lord! Let us rise up, and worship Him with all we have! Let us praise Him for His mighty works in our life! Let us thank Him for His sacrifice on the cross! And if you can’t muster up some worship from that alone…. Worship Him for waking you up this morning!!

Our God is Mighty, Holy, Redeemer, Glory, Lightness, Forgiveness, Grace, Mercy, Counselor, Guidance, Sustainer, Deliverer…

He is the Alpha, the Omega… First, Last, In-between, the Beginning and the End… Highest above all names, the Possessor of the Earth… Magnificent, and Radiant IS HE!!!!!

His love and mercy go far beyond our comprehension… He is Power, He is Joy, He is Love. He is Love.

I can’t help but have a stirring in…

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