Reflections Of An Orange Ink











May the dance of my dreams be forever mine.

In my palace of hope,

May this bond be forever strong; this song forever sung,

In the fat realities of reality.

Conjured powers of our shared universe, shall this union bless

With canopies of love

and banners of sweetness from high above.


May this bond be nourished with meats of many heavenly tomorrows

Cursed be the glasses of adversity; the winds of negativity.

Let the wine of hope thoroughly satisfy our nerve and ease our sorrows.

When this pink dreams end and the pink roads bend,

Pink love will be my recurring theme, my sacred hymn of hymns.


Music of dancing waves, serenading ears and healing souls;

The song when I sing, the laughter when I laugh, the love of my life.

Pink be the fire that burns, buffering words that melt,

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