Making a mistake doesn’t make you a mistake #stopbeatingyourselfup


I remember the days when I would beat myself up over mistakes saying things such as; “you did it again! You will never get anything right! Here we go again you looser!”. Oh how cruel I was to myself, yet how graceful I was when someone else made a mistake saying something like: “it’s okay, just try again. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Don’t let that mistake make you think you are a failure”. Oh, how hypercritical was I!

Why do people have the tendancy to be so harsh on themselves? What are we expecting from our own performance, perfection? We need to learn to love our whole selves, not just the parts that we feel good about. This is not easy, it almost seems natural for us to point out our flaws, but when it comes to speaking about our strengths we shy away, sometimes in the name…

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