Living the Dream – Part 1

Gnarly Shanti

Your shadow becomes very small and holds no particular shape at around noon and Simon was thinking about this as he threw rocks into the sea. Then again, he thought. Your shadow holds no particular shape anyway.  There was a green bottle floating next to a rock which he intended smash. He turned to his friend.

“You know they call Twelve O’clock mid-day, it’s actually pretty early isn’t it…”

Myles shrugged and hurled a stone at the bottle, smashing it. “It’s the morning” he said.

Simon spotted an empty beer can floating a little further out and chucked a handful of stones in its general direction.

“But actually,” Myles continued with a forefinger in the air – “the middle of the night is later than midnight too”.

“True”, nodded Simon. “If they just called midday and midnight Three O’clock it would make sense”.

Simon scratched his neck.  The harbour was…

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