How big is your smile? 

After the Veil

My husband and I receive the same compliment when someone looks at a picture of us. It’s a compliment I am most proud of and I rejoice in it humbly. ”You both have the same big smile!” We both laugh and say thank you. I use to be so self conscious. Feelings of being critiqued imposed on my behavior. Nowadays, it takes so much energy to put into caring about what people think or feel about me. Ofcourse I would like to be well liked. If at all possible to live peacefully with everyone is a godly principle. Keys words are “if at all possible”. Sometimes it is just impossible, and I feel now that I am fine with that. The big lesson is that through it all to not allow people or situations to steal my joy or ruin my smile.

Beloved, exercise your right to release your cares…

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